Active Automata Learning Algorithms

Be sure to also check out the blazing performance of LearnLib’s learning algorithm implementations.

Equivalence Test Approximation Algorithms

  • Complete, depth-bounded exploration
  • Random words
  • Random walk
  • W-method
  • Wp-method


  • Query cache
  • Reuse filter


  • Generic, extensible design
  • Logging subsystem

Feature Matrix

The following table lists where the open-source LearnLib features differ from those of the former, closed-source version. Note that the publicly available version of the old LearnLib only contains a subset of all implemented features.

Feature Open-source LearnLib Old LearnLib (public release) Old LearnLib (internal)
TTT algorithm
Random walk
Reuse filter
Register Automata learning
Generic design
Graphical modeling tool (LearnLib studio)

Contact us if you are interested in a feature that currently is available in the internal version of the old LearnLib only. Maybe you are even interested in porting this feature to the new, open-source LearnLib. Your contribution would greatly be appreciated.