How it works

Symbol modeling

Create test inputs

Visually model test inputs for your Web application without writing code.

  • Create test inputs for Web UIs with Selenium-based actions.
  • Create test inputs for HTTP APIs: make requests and analyze responses.
  • Reuse and combine test inputs to create new ones.


Model E2E tests

Combine test inputs to create E2E tests as you know them.

  • Organize tests in test suites.
  • Execute tests against different browsers and environments.
  • Generate detailed test reports.
Test creation

Model learning

Learn behavioral models

Based on test inputs, an algorithm interacts with your application automatically: it creates tests by itself! See how your application reacts to inputs in different scenarios.

  • Verify system properties via temporal logic formulas.
  • Enrich existing test suites via model-based test generation.
  • Compare models against each other.

Getting started


  1. Download the latest docker-compose.alex-3.0.0.yml file.
  2. Run docker-compose -f docker-compose.alex-3.0.0.yml pull once.
  3. Run docker-compose -f docker-compose.alex-3.0.0.yml up.
  4. Open in a Web browser to access the frontend.
  5. Create a new account or login as an admin:
    Email: admin@alex.example
    password: admin

For more information see our GitHub repository or have a look at the user documentation.

Docker images

Name Tag
alex-backend 3.0.0
alex-frontend 3.0.0
alex-docs 3.0.0
alex-cli 3.0.0

Pull the corresponding image:
docker pull

Available tags: 3.0.0 2.1.1 latest unstable