Class ADS

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      • compute

        public static <S,​I,​O> Optional<ADSNode<S,​I,​O>> compute​(MealyMachine<S,​I,​?,​O> automaton,
                                                                                       Alphabet<I> input,
                                                                                       Set<S> states)
        Compute an adaptive distinguishing sequence for the given automaton and the given set of states.
        Type Parameters:
        S - (hypothesis) state type
        I - input alphabet type
        O - output alphabet type
        automaton - the automaton for which an ADS should be computed
        input - the input alphabet of the automaton
        states - the set of states which should be distinguished by the computed ADS
        Optional.empty() if there exists no ADS that distinguishes the given states, a valid ADS otherwise.