On this page, you find information on the various forms in which LearnLib is distributed only. For download links to concrete releases, please see the version history page.

Source code

The LearnLib source code is hosted on GitHub.
On the version history page, you find download links for source archives of release versions in the formats zip, tar.gz, and jar. Note that unlike the former two, the jar archive does not contain any build system infrastructure, but only the mere source code (including generated source files). It is intended to be used in your IDE, to support “jump to declaration” features for LearnLib classes.


LearnLib (and its dependencies) are available as Maven artifacts, hosted on the Maven Central repository. We highly recommend using Maven as your build system, the LearnLib Wiki has an article describing how to do so.
If for whatever reasons you choose not to, we also provide bundled versions of LearnLib. They come in three different flavors:

  • jar just contains all LearnLib artifacts in a single JAR file,
  • jar (w/ AutomataLib) contains all LearnLib and AutomataLib artifacts in a single JAR file,
  • jar (w/ dependencies) contains all LearnLib artifacts and their dependencies (including AutomataLib, Guava, and Trove).

Development Snapshots

The current development version of LearnLib is 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT.
Snapshots of development versions are available at the Sonatype OSS Snapshots repository. The following links allow browsing the deployed snapshot artifacts:

To include the current development snapshots in your Maven build, follow the instructions in this Wiki article. Please understand that we do not provide bundled versions of development snapshots.