Class ADTLeafNode<S,​I,​O>

    • Constructor Detail

      • ADTLeafNode

        public ADTLeafNode​(@Nullable ADTNode<S,​I,​O> parent,
                           @Nullable S hypothesisState)
    • Method Detail

      • sift

        public ADTNode<S,​I,​O> sift​(SymbolQueryOracle<I,​O> oracle,
                                               Word<I> prefix)
        Description copied from interface: ADTNode
        Utility method, that sifts a given word through this ADTNode. If this node is a
        • symbol node, the symbol is applied to the system under learning and the corresponding child node (based on the observed output) is returned. If no matching child node is found, a new leaf node is returned instead
        • reset node, the system under learning is reset and the provided prefix is reapplied to the system
        • leaf node, an exception is thrown
        Specified by:
        sift in interface ADTNode<S,​I,​O>
        oracle - the oracle used to query the system under learning
        prefix - the prefix to be re-applied after encountering a reset node
        the corresponding child node
      • getNodeType

        public ADTNode.NodeType getNodeType()
        Description copied from interface: ADTNode
        Returns the node type of the current node.
        Specified by:
        getNodeType in interface ADTNode<S,​I,​O>
        the node type