Interface ADTExtender

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    public interface ADTExtender
    Interface for configuration objects that specify how to finalize the temporary splitter given by regular counterexample decomposition.
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      • computeExtension

        <I,​O> ExtensionResult<ADTState<I,​O>,​I,​O> computeExtension​(ADTHypothesis<I,​O> hypothesis,
                                                                                          PartialTransitionAnalyzer<ADTState<I,​O>,​I> pta,
                                                                                          ADTNode<ADTState<I,​O>,​I,​O> temporarySplitter)
        Compute the ADT whose root node should replace the root of the temporary splitter in the current ADT.
        Type Parameters:
        I - input alphabet type
        O - output alphabet type
        hypothesis - the current hypothesis (with potentially undefined transitions/outputs)
        pta - the PartialTransitionAnalyzer for managing partial transitions
        temporarySplitter - the current temporary ADT based on the decomposed counterexample
        the extension result