Interface SubtreeReplacer

    • Method Detail

      • computeReplacements

        <S,​I,​O> Set<ReplacementResult<S,​I,​O>> computeReplacements​(MealyMachine<S,​I,​?,​O> hypothesis,
                                                                                          Alphabet<I> inputs,
                                                                                          ADT<S,​I,​O> adt)
        Compute how certain nodes of the ADT should be replaced. It is assumed, the replacements are well-defined (i.e. each replaced node belongs to a distinct subtree).

        Currently only replacements in the form of an ADS (i.e. no reset nodes) are supported.

        Type Parameters:
        S - (hypothesis) state type
        I - input alphabet type
        O - output alphabet type
        hypothesis - the current hypothesis (without any undefined transitions)
        inputs - the input alphabet
        adt - the current adaptive discrimination tree
        A Set of proposed replacements