Class ThreadSafeDFACacheOracle<I>

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      • createCacheConsistencyTest

        public EquivalenceOracle.DFAEquivalenceOracle<I> createCacheConsistencyTest()
        Description copied from interface: LearningCache
        Creates a cache consistency test. A cache consistency test is an equivalence oracle which checks a given hypothesis against the current contents of the cache. Hence, no queries are posed to the underlying system.

        The created cache consistency test is backed by the cache contents. This method does not need to be invoked repeatedly when the cache contents change.

        Specified by:
        createCacheConsistencyTest in interface LearningCache<DFA<?,​I>,​I,​Boolean>
        createCacheConsistencyTest in class DFACacheOracle<I>
        a cache consistency test for the contents of this cache