Interface ReuseCapableOracle<S,​I,​O>

  • Type Parameters:
    S - system state class
    I - input symbol class
    O - output symbol class

    public interface ReuseCapableOracle<S,​I,​O>
    Required interface for the ReuseOracle. An implementation needs to provide the ability to answer queries with respect to a system state class S and an input and must be able to reset to SUL to an initial state.

    The ReuseOracle decides whether a full membership query needs to be answered including a reset (via processQuery(Word)) or if there is a system state available that is able to save the reset with some prefix (via continueQuery(Word, Object)).

    • Method Detail

      • continueQuery

        ReuseCapableOracle.QueryResult<S,​O> continueQuery​(Word<I> trace,
                                                                S s)
        This method will be invoked whenever a system state s was found for reuse when a new membership query is processed. Please note that only a saved reset can be ensured.
        trace - The query to consider (mostly a real suffix from a membership query).
        s - A system state that corresponds to an already answered prefix.
        A query result consisting of the output to the input and the resulting system state.