Interface OmegaMembershipOracle<S,​I,​D>

    • Method Detail

      • processQuery

        default void processQuery​(OmegaQuery<I,​D> query)
      • getMembershipOracle

        MembershipOracle<I,​D> getMembershipOracle()
        Returns a regular membership oracle.
        a regular membership oracle.
      • isSameState

        boolean isSameState​(Word<I> w1,
                            S s1,
                            Word<I> w2,
                            S s2)
        Returns whether two states are equal, or if both access sequences w1, and w2 end up in the same state. If both access sequences end up in the same state then s1.equals(s2) must hold.
        w1 - the first access sequence.
        s1 - the first state.
        w2 - the second access sequence.
        s2 - the second state.
        whether both states, or states via the given access sequences are equal.
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