With Automata Learning Experience (ALEX) we offer a tool to infer automaton models of web applications and JSON-based web services, based on top of LearnLib. The focus of the tool is simplicity. We do not require end users to be experts in automata learning or to have programming experience, be it in Java or web technologies, in order to get started.

ALEX started as a bachelor thesis in February 2015 and is actively maintained by the Chair for Programming Systems of the TU Dortmund University ever since. Here, we use the tool for the lecture “Web Technolgies 2” where students are asked to develop and learn a web application of modest complexity that they develop themselves during the semester. Further, we also published some papers that demonstrate ALEX:

If you want more information on ALEX or want to know how to use it, head over to our homepage, the user manual or go directly to the GitHub project page.