From ZULU to RERS: Lessons Learned in the ZULU Challenge

Falk Howar, Bernhard Steffen, Maik Merten: From ZULU to RERS: Lessons Learned in the ZULU Challenge. In: ISoLA 2010, LNCS 6415, pp. 687-704. Springer, 2010


This paper summarizes our experience with the ZULU challenge on active learning without equivalence queries, presents our winning solution, investigates the character of ZULU’s rating approach, and discusses how this approach can be taken further to establish a framework for the systematic investigation of domain-specific, scalable learning solutions for practically relevant application. In particular, it discusses the RERS initiative, which provides a community platform together with a learning framework that allows users to interactively compose complex learning solutions on the basis of libraries for various learning components, system connectors, and other auxiliary functionality. This framework will be the backbone for an extended challenge on learning in 2011.

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