# TodoMVC

In this section, we present the steps in order to learn the ReactJS implementation of the TodoMVC (opens new window) project.

# Requirements

# Instructions

Follow the instructions on the homepage (opens new window) of TodoMVC in order to start the application. In the following, we assume that TodoMVC runs on port 8080 and is accessible at http://localhost:8080.

# 1) Import the project

  1. Download the exported project here.
  2. In the project overview, click on the import icon in the action bar and select the project in the file todomvc-react.project.json
  3. Open the project by clicking on the corresponding item in the list.

# 2) Learn TodoMVC

# With a new setup

  1. Click on Learning > Setups in the sidebar.
  2. Click on New Setup
  3. For the reset symbol, select the symbol reset.
  4. For the input alphabet, select all symbols except reset from the panel Symbols on the left.
  5. The symbols create todo, delete todo and toggle completed have parameter text. Insert any value for each them, e.g. "bananas".
  6. In the configuration panel on the right, select the TTT algorithm. Use a "Random Word" Equivalence Oracle with the parameters (Min length = 60, Max length = 60, Random words = 60, Batch size = 1).
  7. In the WebDriver tab, select the desired browser.
  8. Click on Run to run the experiment.

# With the existing setup

For demonstration purposes, the project already contains a predefined learner setup ready to use. The setup uses the same parameters as in the previous section and executes tests in Chrome.

  1. Click on Learning > Setups in the sidebar. The predefined setup is called "setup with one todo item"
  2. Click on Run.

# Results

Depending on the hardware specifications of the system that the process is running on, the execution time may vary. For this example, the process has been executed on a Laptop with an Intel Core i7 8th Gen, 32GB RAM and an SSD. The execution took 9min45s and the following model has been learned:

TodoMVC Download the DOT file here.

Last Updated: 7/14/2023, 9:58:27 AM