Interface SPMM<S,​I,​T,​O>

    • Method Detail

      • getErrorOutput

        O getErrorOutput()
        Returns the output symbol that identifies erroneous transitions. Note that for the validity of this SPMM, each transition labeled with this output symbol must lead into a sink state that continues to output this symbol.
        the output symbol that identifies erroneous transitions
      • isErrorOutput

        default boolean isErrorOutput​(O output)
        Convenience method that compares the given output with this SPMM's error output.
        output - the symbol to check
        true if output equals this SPMM's error output, false otherwise.
      • getInitialProcedure

        @Nullable I getInitialProcedure()
        Returns the initial procedure (represented via its call symbol) of this system.
        the initial procedure, may be null if undefined
      • getProcedures

        Map<I,​M> getProcedures()
        Returns a Map from call symbols to the procedures of this system. Note that a (non-minimal) ProceduralSystem may not contain a procedure for every call symbol.
        the procedures of this system
      • getProcedure

        default @Nullable M getProcedure​(I callSymbol)
        Convenience method for getProcedures() to quickly return the procedure of a given call symbol.
        callSymbol - the call symbol
        the corresponding procedure. May be null if this system does not have a procedure for the given call symbol.
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      • size

        default int size()
        Returns the size of this system which is given by the sum of the sizes of all procedures. Note that this value does not necessarily correspond to the classical notion of SimpleAutomaton.size(), since semantically a ProceduralSystem may be infinite-sized SimpleTS.
        Specified by:
        size in interface FiniteRepresentation
        the size of this system