Interface PassiveLearningAlgorithm<M,​I,​D>

    • Method Detail

      • addSamples

        default void addSamples​(DefaultQuery<I,​D>... samples)
      • addSamples

        default void addSamples​(D output,
                                Word<I>... words)
      • addSamples

        default void addSamples​(D output,
                                Collection<? extends Word<I>> words)
      • addSample

        default void addSample​(Word<I> input,
                               D output)
      • computeModel

        M computeModel()
        Computes the model given the previously added samples.

        Implementation note: It is up to the implementation if this operation is repeatable or not, An implementation may throw an IllegalStateException if additional samples are added after the first model construction.

        the computed model