Interface SystemStateHandler<S>

  • Type Parameters:
    S - system state class

    public interface SystemStateHandler<S>
    AN implementation of this interface that is set to the ReuseTree (see ReuseOracle.ReuseOracleBuilder.withSystemStateHandler(SystemStateHandler)) will be informed about all removed system states whenever ReuseTree.disposeSystemStates() gets called.

    The objective of this handler is that clearing system states from the reuse tree may also be resulting in cleaning up the SUL by e.g. perform tasks like removing persisted entities from a database.

    Please note that the normal removal of system states (by sifting them down in the reuse tree by executing only suffixes of a query) is not be seen as a disposing.

    • Method Detail

      • dispose

        void dispose​(S state)
        The system state S will be removed from the ReuseTree.
        state - The state to remove.