Tools using LearnLib

This page lists (external) tools that are connected to LearnLib or its related projects either by using them as is or extending them with new features. The goal of this page is to provide an overview of the LearnLib community and share information for fruitful collaborations in the future.


The following projects are listed in alphabetical order.

  • C3AL (Conflict-Aware Active Automata Learning, link) is an alternative to the MAT framework that treats conflicts (e.g., in noisy environments) as first-class citizens. It is implemented on top of LearnLib and extends previous work on adaptive model learning.
  • Coal (COmpositional Automata Learner, link, link) is a tool for learning compositional systems that allows for unknown membership query results. Hypotheses are constructed via passive learning techniques or SAT solving.
  • Prognosis (link, link) is a tool that focuses on the black-box analysis of network protocol implementations using LearnLib for learning models.
  • Tomte (link) is a tool that fully automatically constructs abstractions for automata learning.


If you would like to add a project to this list, feel free to open a pull request for this page.