Class ReuseEdge<S,​I,​O>

  • Type Parameters:
    S - system state class
    I - input symbol class
    O - output symbol class

    public class ReuseEdge<S,​I,​O>
    extends Object
    A ReuseEdge connects two ReuseNode's in the ReuseTree and is labeled with input and output behavior. Please note that an edge may be reflexive if domain knowledge is used (input is invariant and/or output is a failure output).
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReuseEdge

        public ReuseEdge​(ReuseNode<S,​I,​O> source,
                         ReuseNode<S,​I,​O> target,
                         I input,
                         O output)
        Default constructor.
        source - not allowed to be null.
        target - not allowed to be null.
        input - not allowed to be null.
        output - in case of quiescence maybe null.
    • Method Detail

      • getSource

        public final ReuseNode<S,​I,​O> getSource()
        The source node from this edge.
        source, never null.
      • getTarget

        public final ReuseNode<S,​I,​O> getTarget()
        The target node from this edge.
        target, never null.
      • getInput

        public final I getInput()
        The respective input on this edge, never null.
        input, not null
      • getOutput

        public final O getOutput()
        The respective output on this edge. In case of quiescence the output is null.