Class ReuseNode<S,​I,​O>

  • Type Parameters:
    S - system state class
    I - input symbol class
    O - output symbol class

    public class ReuseNode<S,​I,​O>
    extends Object
    A ReuseNode is a vertex in the ReuseTree that contains (a possible empty) set of outgoing ReuseEdges. Each ReuseNode may contain a system state holding relevant information (e.g. database identifiers or an object) that belongs to the system state that 'represents' the system state after executing a membership query.
    • Method Detail

      • fetchSystemState

        public S fetchSystemState​(boolean remove)
        The system state, may be null.
      • addSystemState

        public @Nullable S addSystemState​(S state)
      • systemStatesIterator

        public Iterator<S> systemStatesIterator()
      • hasSystemStates

        public boolean hasSystemStates()
      • clearSystemStates

        public void clearSystemStates()
      • getTargetNodeForInput

        public @Nullable ReuseNode<S,​I,​O> getTargetNodeForInput​(int index)
      • getEdgeWithInput

        public @Nullable ReuseEdge<S,​I,​O> getEdgeWithInput​(int index)
        May be null.
      • getId

        public int getId()