LearnLib 0.17.0 and AutomataLib 0.11.0 have been released!

The releases aggregate the work of our busy contributors and cover (among other things) a new model checker for context-free modal systems, new active and passive learning algorithms, as well as the work on procedural systems presented in Markus Frohme’s PhD thesis (whose writing and defense explains why the last couple of years have been relatively quite in terms of releases). For a complete overview, head over to the respective release notes of LearnLib 0.17.0 and AutomataLib 0.11.0.

Yet, the future of LearnLib still shines bright. The LearnLib team has been granted a research grant which in part aims at making LearnLib and its related projects more community-driven. You can already see the start of this process as you are reading this: The learnlib.de page has been migrated from a closed Wordpress instance to an open, Jekyll-based solution hosted via GitHub Pages. Not only does this add to the transparency of the project, but also allows everyone to contribute to its documentation. Expect more treats of this flavor in the future.

So far, happy learning!